What is a photomask

Photomasks are high-purity quartz or glass plates containing precision images of integrated circuits or semiconductor chips. They are used for imaging the integrated circuits on the silicon wafers.                                        

Each circuit consists of several layers, for each layer a particular photomask is needed.
The special challenges in the manufacturing process are positional accuracy, purity and producing a flawless mask. We use ultra-modern facilities in a special environment - the clean room.


Prozess flow






Data preparation - create mask data; Conversion to tool-specific data formats (GDSII)
Lithography - Light-sensitive or electron-sensitive coatings are exposed using a laser or electron beam
Etch - Non-exposed areas are removed by a chemical etching process
CD metrology - Measurement of structure widths, critical dimensions (CD), flank angles and layer thicknesses                                         




Registration - Measurement of the position accuracy
Defect inspection - inspect the mask to detect errors and defects
Particle  pattern defect                

Repair - Removing particles and pattern defects using various methods: ion beam, laser technologies, electron beam method or mechanical method
Pellicle mounting - The pellicle protects the structures on the mask from particles

We ship the mask to our customers and partners GLOBALFOUNDRIES and TOPPAN.

The resulting semiconductor chips are applied In the final products, such as smartphones, tablet PCs, cars, home electronic devices and many other products.


























Maske mit Pellicle